A Tribute To My Grandmother

Imagine what those days were like,
 so many years ago,
When dresses made of fine white lace 
were worn not just for show,
When ribbons, pearls and polished shoes 
were the order of the day,
And women must look perfect 
in each and every way.

As I gaze upon the picture 
of my grandmother on the wall,
Her dress conveys convention, 
yet she stands so very tall,
Certain of herself, 
with a quiet dignity,
I remember all the wisdom 
she often shared with me.

"Be true to yourself," she said, 
"and follow your dreams,
No matter what it takes, 
or how hard it seems.
We were all meant to be 
the very best we can be,
So listen to your heart 
and let your spirit run free."

I heeded her advice, 
though at times it was tough,
But she was always there 
when the going got rough,
Listening, encouraging, 
and quelling my fears,
Never judging, just guiding me 
throughout my young years.

For she remembered those times 
not too long ago,
When progress for a woman 
was so very slow,
When appearance and tradition 
governed one's day,
And a fiery spirit 
must be hidden away.

The constraints and restrictions
 of society then,
Imposed upon women, 
but few upon men,
Were slowly unbound 
in years to come,
When women would march 
to a different drum.

She taught that tradition
was a guide, not a rule;
That social graces and appearances
should never be one's school,
To live life to the fullest,
always learning new things,
That knowledge is power,
not diamond rings.

My grandmother has long since
passed away,
But I still hear her words,
just like yesterday,
Her picture on the wall
speaks of living free,
Her spirit in my heart
is her legacy to me.


 Copyright 2001 Virginia Carlson 







Midi sequence by Barry Taylor





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